Campus Online USN Bulletin

Help and Information Section

I. Account Management

There are six (6) types of Users in the Online USN Bulletin. Each of them has a specific set of features in relevance of their type. These are Administrator, Admission, Dean, Registrar, Instructor and Student.

A. Administrator
The Administrator is the one that manages all accounts and the main person to provide information in the bulletin. It has the ability to post, edit and delete the bulletin items, and manipulate accounts.
B. Admission
The Admission is the second in charge for the wellness of the bulletin which has a limited Administrator-like abilities.
C. Dean
The College Dean is the one that provides complete sets of informations in relation with Campus subject lists and is capable of altering it as well.
C. Registrar
The College Registrar is the one that provides student information about online grades. It is also capable of altering encoded records.
C. Instructor
The Instructors are the one that provides information about your subjects' course requirements.
D. Student
The Student is the Primary End user of the bulletin. It has the ability to view posts and academics.

II. Bulletin Framework

In The Bulletin Framework, The Posts were divided into different categories, which are Class Updates, Reminders, School Events and Organizations. These were divided in order to give users a neatly categorized post in relevance with what they want.

A. Class Updates
This is the most important category of the bulletin. In here will be posted important updates about school class suspensions, holidays and other announcements.
B. Reminders
As the term implies, reminders category is a type where the Administrators/ Employees posts things to remind students about something to be done or something necessary.
C. School Events
This category was made to post school events like sportsfests, foundation day, prom night and more.
D. Organizations
This is the personal posting section of student organizations. You could always come at the admissions office to request a post with the approval of your Club president and adviser.

III. Academic Records

The most critical part of the bulletin was the Academic Records Section. First of all, you should note that grades posted in here are unofficial and for viewing purposes only. You could Always check your official records at the Registrar's Office.

A. Class Schedule
This section is to provide convenience to AMA Computer Learning Center Students in viewing their current shedules.
B. Assessment Form
Your personal records about the overview of your Semestral Records and your current weekly schedule.
C. Online Grades
Grades. Everything posted in here is your online grades which is provided to you by your College Registrar. Always have patience in waiting for your grade to be encodede.
D. Requirements
This is where instructors of AMA Computer Learning Center posts about important announcements about your subject. In case you cannot or didn't attend your class the time your instructor announces your subject requirements, you could always count on this.

IV. About Developers

The Developers of this site are currently in their third year (as the time of this creation) of college in AMA Computer University. They were tasked to build a system for their Software Engineering Subject. CS Elite.

Krizzian Avilanes Dominico
Was supposed to handle the AMA Computer Learning Center Website. Has a great part in the documentation and motivation.
Robert Joseph Jazmin
The main person who build and conceptualized the bulletin. Has a great part in the documentation as well.